Using the sling at the bench

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Using the sling at the bench

Postby charlesb » Thu May 08, 2014 8:27 pm

Today I installed different scope mounts on my M1A 'Scout Squad' so I had to go sight it in. The scope is a 2X Burris handgun scope that I swiped off of my Ruger MkIII Hunter, a few months ago.

Once I got it on target, I decided to shoot a group off of the sandbags, and got the 3 inch group at 50 yards that I'm used to with that rifle.

Then I got a wild hair and decided to put my elbow in the sling while shooting off of the sandbags - and there was a dramatic difference. - The group was around one inch, with several of the bullet holes touching each other. There was some horizontal stringing, but vertically they were within 1/4" of each other.

I had no idea that using the sling could make such a difference. It was kind of shocking, but in a pleasant way.

Shooting the cheap Russian steel-cased stuff with the poly coating, too.

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