Security Six Hammer problem

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Security Six Hammer problem

Postby Chopperdoc » Thu May 26, 2016 11:19 am

I have a 1976 4” security six. A few days ago I disassembled it to replace the serrated trigger with a smooth trigger. I got the trigger group reinstalled without any problems and when I pull the hammer the transfer bar moves as it should and the cylinder rotates as it should.

My problem is installing the hammer. I’ve tried it 20 times. Every time I install the hammer and install the hammer pin I can cock it back and it will fall when I pull the trigger but when I pull the trigger a second time it is locked up. (This is without the mainspring installed) When I depress the cylinder release and move the cylinder out then lock it back it in again it “resets” the trigger and I am able to once again drop the hammer only once before it locks up again.

The gun worked fine before I messed with it. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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