Rossi 92 Slick-Up Kit

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Rossi 92 Slick-Up Kit

Postby charlesb » Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:41 pm

I sent off for an action job kit for my Rossi 92 from Steve's Gunz.

The kit consisted of a new magazine follower made of stainless, a new ejector spring and a DVD that walks you through the entire process of slicking up your Rossi 92, step by step.

The kit costs just under 60 bucks.

Tools required are a couple of screwdrivers, some tweezers, a paper-clip, a small hammer, some pliers and a bench grinder. Needle files or a moto-tool are needed for a few of the slicking-up operations. - I used both.

I found that a small flashlight was handy, but that might have been on account of my old eyes.

I went through the process, pausing the video at each step, and am gratified with the results. The gun is a LOT easier to load, doesn't launch the empties off into the unknown any more, feeds better and generally feels a lot slicker in its operation. - I can work the action with just my little finger.

I also ordered the peep-sight that replaces the safety that Rossi puts on the rear of the bolt, along with a stainless-looking dovetail blank to fit the dovetail where the old rear sight was mounted.

The peep sight is a major improvement, eliminating the onerous and unnecessary safety that Rossi puts there on the bolt.

I forgot to order plug screws for the barrel. There are four threaded holes under the leaf-type rear sight, apparently for a scout-type scope mount. I had some blued plug screws in the shop, but could have had stainless ones from Steve's Gunz if I had remembered to order them.

Anyway, I'd say I got my moneys worth. As it came, the Rossi was difficult to load, and had feeding problems... I had shaved off quite a bit of my thumb-nail, trying to load it. Now it works a lot better, in general.

I'll stick my neck out here and recommend the kit and the peep-sight to anyone who is disgusted with his Rossi 92.

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