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Heritage Rough Rider

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 5:14 pm
by charlesb
We got one of these with the 22LR/22Mag cylinders and a 4 3/4" barrel.

After looking at it, and shooting it a bit, I've got to say that I am impressed. Despite the alloy frame, the little pistol has a nice heft and feel to it, and when you pull the hammer back through the four clicks, and use the nice single-action trigger... If your eyes were closed, you could almost imagine that it is a Colt. - It really sounds and feels like quality.

It has a safety, built into the rounded part behind the cylinder, on the left-hand side. It blocks the hammer from hitting the firing pin. When it is off, it is out of the way and when it is on, you can safely carry with 6 rounds in the revolver.

The .22 Mags with the 4 3/4" barrel work out well. - Not an ideal self-defense setup, but certainly a viable one. A self-defense situation is the only one where I would fire the .22 Mags without hearing protection, though. As with all .22 Mag handguns, it is awfully loud.

Mine shoots low and to the left. It's not super accurate, but it is accurate enough for some fun plinking. _ I was shooting empty 12 and 20 gauge shotgun hulls around, making them fly up, etc.. - Lots of fun.

There is a steel-frame version of the Heritage Rough Rider in 22LR only, I may get one of those with the 6 1/2" barrel, before it's over.

Pictures soon.