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Scope Deal

Post by toyfj40 » Sat Sep 10, 2005 11:19 pm

I was interested in trying a scope. I did not want to pay more for
the scope than for the pistol. I found that the BSA-ps2x20 seemed
to be the more affordable of the common/popular names for
HandGun-Scopes. I believe it has a MSRP=$100. Most places I've
seen it, sell for about $55--$70...

BUT... I just happened to spot it at
for $40 !! yep, a few bucks for delivery (#*$&$ they are only
5-8mi away, but it is a Catalog-Only-Item). It arrived today.
The BSA ps2x20 in matte-black. Now to get the right-rings and
see if my long-arms are TOO-Long for the eye-relief.

I have no idea if it is some close-out or if it was priced too-low
by accident. I just thought someone else might want to consider
a bargain-entry into using a scope. I found that the Weaver 849423 2x28
shows a much better eye-relief range for me -- 29" from my cheek to my thumb.
but at 3.5X this price. --FYI...
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