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JMB designed guns

Best guns
Absolutely the best guns
No votes
The only guns in the running to be the best
Obviously the best guns
Who is John Moses Browning? (shame on those picking this)
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Post by ruger22 » Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:46 am

The downward ejection sounds really nice. So far as the poll, I'd have to say most of the best guns, and that's not a choice. There are other great designs by other people.

Since I got my Sentinel, I've read up on Harry Sefried who did the original design, and many of the later refinements. Did the basic design of most of the later High Standard pistols, especially the Supermatic Citation. Later he did twenty years at Ruger. He designed the 10/22 rotary magazine, the original lockwork of the Six series revolvers, and totally designed the Redhawk. He had around thirty patents. That's a good track record.
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