Mossberg 144US .22 from CMP

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Mossberg 144US .22 from CMP

Post by toyfj40 » Tue Sep 20, 2005 4:53 pm

back in July, I attended the Camp-Perry "Pistol School". While there
I went shopping at the 'CMP store' and decided to buy one of their
remaining late-40s trainers: Mossberg 144US .22LR

They are bolt-action with a magazine, but are sold WITHOUT Mags.

I found a place on the net selling Mags for the 144US.
I just received my package and have TWO mags for the
Mossberg 44US... and they dont' fit... !!

My question(s) of someone that has a CMP-Mossberg-144US:

1. can you confirm that the M44US and 144US are "different" ?
2. do you have mags?? or do you just 'collect' or Single-Shoot ?

I did not know about this when I placed the order, but
scroll down, they have entries for BOTH 44 & 144 models,
but no photos...

I want to be better prepared for my return/refund process.

EDIT: we established they are "different". I'll get an exchange
for (cheaper) mags that should fit my 144US. One source, FYI:

EDIT: I received the "proper" magazines for the Mossberg US144
but they would not feed AT ALL! (fortunately) a fellow in my
"club" was able to debug the situation. the magazine lips were
variously tweakable to a proper tension, but the main problem
was the BoltFace... there are two SpringSteel items that hold the
cartridge (retainer? ejector?) and they were NOT permitting the
cartridge to seat properly... thus not aligned. Some gradual
filing and re-positioning now has the rifle feeding/ejecting about
95% (before it was not even 5%). So, after a few range-sessions
I should have it operating more as expected.

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