Barrel Vice Advice?

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Barrel Vice Advice?

Post by charlesb » Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:58 pm

I'm getting ready to purchase a barrel vice, as I have two projects I've been putting off that will require one.

Any advice on this, or ideas about a home-made vice?

I'll be rebarreling a formerly military Mauser that has already been rebarrelled long ago and needs it again, and a model 16 Savage that I want to swap barrels on.

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A high quality Pipe Vise

Post by gunsmither » Thu Feb 20, 2014 6:26 pm

I have used an old US made 2" pipe vise for many handgun and rifle barrels with great success.

Most pipe vises nowadays are from China I suspect, so I can't say how well they would hold up.

I use Aluminum blocks bored oversize, then epoxy lined for most barrels. I've also used hardwood plain and epoxy lined. AL is the best I believe. Either way, I use plenty of rosin in the blocks, and tighten the pipe vise down "goot n' tite".

I have removed lots of military and commercial barrels over the years, and they never have slipped on me with the molded epoxy blocks. I've also used poured lead blocks for FAL rifles in my pipe vise with good results.

Hope this helps! Best of luck whatever you end up using. Joe

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