.358" bullets in .357 Mag. loads???

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Post by Jack D » Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:29 am

Biggjimm wrote:My neighbor has a H&R handi rifle that started life as .357 mag & he has hogged it out to a .357 max chamber & that rifle is an absolute blast to shoot & its extremely accurate. I thought about picking one up & doing the same to it for a deer rifle for my daughter as he still has the reamers but if what your thinking works out a guy wouldnt need to ream the chamber out. It'll be interesting to see how this works out for you jack. I wonder if anyone has done similar tests with the .44 mag loads. I shot another buddies .445 super mag the other day (which apparently could have just as well been named .44 maximum) and I was more than impressed with that round. So much that I'm either gonna try & find another .44 barrel for my encore rifle to rechamber or just have mike belm build me one to deer hunt with. I think it would easily be capable of getting me into the 200-250 yd range where my .44 mag is about out of juice at 115 yds or so. I'll definitely be eagerly awaiting your test data jack. Good luck & be safe my friend.
I've got a webpage describing my H&R Handi project and the loads I'm using in it at http://www.metalsmithpro.com/357MagnumRifle.htm
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