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Post by bearandoldman » Sun Mar 03, 2013 7:57 am

greener wrote:
charlesb wrote:
Hakaman wrote: Maybe in the heat of battle I would use the 'forward assist', but if while shooting at the range
a round wouldn't chamber, guess what, it's coming back out. Why chance a dysfunctional
round with trying to fire it? Get that #^@& out of there and move to the next round. The reason
I would like to have the FA is because it's standard on most AR's.
I doubt that any serious malfunction or problem with a cartridge could be addressed with a palm striking a forward assist.

It is there to help out when a cartridge fails to feed properly, perhaps due to powder residue build-up within the action, a common difficulty experienced with the design. In that case, a little help will get it on into the chamber so it can fire, perhaps blowing out some of the offending residue.

In my case, the forward assist was used as intended. After the assist, the rest of the magazine fed and fired just fine.
I don't think you would have any more problems with the AR platform than you would with any other rifle. I don't have any plans to crawl through the mud or sand for extended periods and fire high volumes of ammunition with dirty powder. If I have a malfunction I'll find a way, at my leisure, to remove the round.
If you do decide to do mske make sure someone gets a video and sends it to me?
You have great day and shoot straight and may the Good Lord smile on you.

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