NAA Guardian 32

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NAA Guardian 32

Post by ruger22 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:50 pm

I see things are still a bit slow; I'll see if I can generate a post or two?

Finally decided that comfortable carry with a SP101 is not possible. I decided to go small to the extreme, and went with the Guardian 32 in late May. It's solid stainless steel, and only 15 oz. loaded, 6+1. It's not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes. 4.3 inches long, 3.2 high, and 0.8 inches thick.. NAA makes a .380 version, but it's larger and weighs five ounces more. So, I went with the .32 Auto. I knew the ammo would be harder to come by local, but I can get Aguila and Remington. Both function fine.

It's basically an updated Seecamp .32, and NAA admits that. I think it's a big improvement. 1911 style mag release instead of a heel catch. No mag safety. Actually has sights. Seecamp has none. Seecamp specifies HP, where the Guardian shoots anything. In .32 or .380, HP expansion is poor, so you have to go for penetration with FMJ anyway. I think it's the best pocket gun made.

* Two Bearcat stainless, w/ EWK ejector housings & Wolff springs
* SP-101 .22LR, w/ Wolff springs
* SP-101 .357 snub w/ Wolff springs
* 10/22 Deluxe Sporter, unmodded!
* Two NAA Guardian 32
* Two Zastava M70

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Re: NAA Guardian 32

Post by Hakaman » Wed Jul 25, 2018 1:21 pm

The biggest issue for me carrying a concealed pistol is weight, which coincides with size as well. My favorite carry gun for winter/jeans weather is my Ruger LCR 38 + p revolver because it's light enough, packs a lot of punch and conceals well in my right front pocket with a DeSantis Nemesis holster. I probably could carry it in the summer but it's a bit too heavy and bulky for lightweight shorts and that type of clothing. So4 summer months I carry a and NAA 22 magnum revolver. It's a tiny thing and conceal so easily that nobody knows I even have it with me. One issue with that tiny of carry gun is accuracy, but I don't plan on shooting it at blank the distances anyway. A 22 magnum packs a lot of punch as well. ... nady-v-max

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