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Zastava M70

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2022 3:39 am
by ruger22
Well, last post in this Handgun forum was me in July. This is April. That's a shame.

Just got two surplus Yugoslavian made Zastava M70 pistols, .32 ACP. Single action semi-auto, about the size of a Walther PP. Still in production, since 1970. Most of surplus imports are supposedly from the 1980s. After I spent two afternoons cleaning cosmoline, they are in excellent condition as seller promised. Just a few scratches and shiny corners. $225 each was a steal. With a spare mag especially. Most only offered with one mag. Came with military type leather holsters that were too old and dried out to salvage. Hard as a rock. I wasn't even expecting them, as they weren't mentioned in the listing, so no loss. Mags and parts are very hard to find, but with these being near new condition, I'll cross my fingers.
Nicely made, it's sad that for whatever reason, new Zastavas aren't sold in the U.S.A.

Re: Zastava M70

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2022 2:11 pm
by xtratoy
Now its the middle of September. I wonder what happened to everyone. I admit I was awol for a long time also.