DA revolver frame lugs

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DA revolver frame lugs

Post by ruger22 » Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:21 pm

A chance for our fearless leader and expert gunsmith to get technical.

By frame lug, I mean the the tiny bump on the frame below the cylinder release that keeps the cylinder from sliding completely off the crane when open. Specifically, I've noticed that my SP-101s have it, but the GP-100 doesn't, even though they are basically the same design. Nether does the Redhawk. The Six series revolvers don't have it either. I wonder that when they shrunk the GP to create the SP, could they have kept that the same?

I find it a bit disconcerting that a tiny bump of steel that overlaps the cylinder by maybe 1/32nd of an inch is all that keeps it off the floor. It gets slammed by the cylinder every time you eject empties. One area where the SP is not "built like a tank", as people say.

How likely is it to become a problem? I've heard of problems with S&Ws that have it. What would Ruger do to correct it since the lug is part of the frame?

EDIT: It's not shown well in the manuals, but thanks to YouTube, I know the difference. The GP and Redhawk have two spring loaded balls at the front of the crane. They ride in a groove inside the cylinder. The cylinder just snaps on and off of those balls. Seems the SP could be the same, still. The older Six series just had the ejector rod screw into the ejector, trapping the cylinder in between. I sometimes miss my Speed-Six; would have another if Ruger still serviced them.
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