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Huge Remington (and others?) price jump??

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 11:10 am
by ruger22
Sportsman's Warehouse put out two cases of 500 round Thunderbolts yesterday. $32.99....................A week ago it was $25.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know a particular clerk pretty well, and he said they got a new Remington price list Friday, and all of their .22 ammo took a big jump. So I guess even Golden Bullets will be $32.99 or more. He has no idea yet if other brands have jumped.

I can do a dollar or two, but I've never seen bulk packs or bricks jump more than that at one time. Fifty round boxes will be up at least 75 cents. Gotta wonder if this will be across the board on ALL ammo?

I guess either Remington is trying to recoup their supposed investment in new machinery, or this is a tactic to get ahead of The Shortage. I'll hold my breath until I see what other brands do, but we all know they'll follow suit.